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To Model for Me:
Send me an email about you. Your name, age and a description of yourself and, if you have some, photographs that show as much of you as possible. They need not be artful but the clearer the better. And, if you like, a few words about yourself and why you'd like to model for me.

I live and do most of my work in Santa Barbara, California. I have worked with models when I have traveled so if you don't live near Santa Barbara there is still a possibility we can work together.

Don't hesitate to ask me.

Information for Couples/Lovers, Modeling for Erotic Art:
I am also looking for couples to model for various erotic art projects about the happier aspects of life and love. Although I do explicit, erotic artwork I do not do what I view as pornography. I am not interested in kinky stuff, bondage, S&M and the like.

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