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The nude is a wonderful subject for an artist to depict, it is a glory of art and life.
The nude figure is a major subject in my art and to truly depict the nude I need to use models.

Interested in Modeling? Read the following information and look at my artworks, then if you would like to model for me, contact me.

General Information about Modeling
A modeling session is an unusual situation because to be successful the model(s) have to appear at ease, spontaneously doing what they please, as they are being studied, recorded and consulted while modeling in the nude, semi nude and dressed.
Modeling sessions usually consist of my taking photographs, but occasionally I draw or paint the model directly.
During a modeling session I have three different ends in mind. 1. Source material for paintings. 2. Studies for sculpture. 3. The photograph as an end in itself. All of these purposes generate their special as well as common modeling requirements in terms of pose, props, location and light.
The most successful modeling sessions are when the model(s) and I work in collaboration toward a common goal. That common goal varies depending on the model(s) and our aim for the session. Each model has their own qualities which help dictate what those goals may be. For some, modeling is an expression or exploration of themselves. It can be the expression of energy, line, balance, beauty and motion. Sometimes we work on a series of images telling a story. For all situations caring attention, affection and passion are
essential ingredients for modeling.
It is important for the model to feel comfortable during the session. I would not want it any other way both for the sake of the model's comfort and the fact that the mood of the session shows in the final work. Although it is not unusual for the model to be nervous or embarrassed when starting a modeling session, that feeling usually goes away in a few minutes.

Qualities I Look for in Models
I seek models, both individuals and especially couples, that are sane, have an attractive appearance, an ease and grace in their movements and stillness, a high level of comfort with themselves and I like as people.
There are many types of beauty I appreciate and want to celebrate; slender to zaftig, tall to short, light to dark. I want to show both the outer physical beauty and the beauty that comes from within, expressing the feeling and energy, personality and beauty of each individual. I use their differences to add depth and character to the finished art work, rather than trying to squeeze everyone modeling for me into a preconceived mold.

What to Bring to a Modeling Session:
Although most modeling is in the nude or semi nude I ask the model(s) to bring a few changes of clothing that show them off to best advantage, anything from night gowns to ball gowns, bathing suits to everyday wear. Full skirts, scarves, hats, pieces of cloth, whatever is fun to dance in and play with as long as they feel comfortable and look good on the model as they dance and actively move around or languidly lounge about.
Models may bring tapes or CDs to dance to or for mood music.

The Business of Modeling:
I pay my models in money and/or photographs-scans, to be agreed upon before modeling.
I need to have all models sign a model release and allow me to photograph the model's photo ID, such as a driver's license.
To model for erotic art the models must be 18 years of age or older. (Children are wonderful, I have used them as models but I do not think of them and will not present them as erotic objects. I reject victimization of the model or vulgar art regardless of the age of the model.)

To Model for Me:
Click Here to send me an email with the following information.
Your name, date of birth and a discription of yourself.
A few words about yourself and why you'd like to model for me would be appreciated too
I live and work in Santa Barbara, California.

Don't hesitate to
ask me.

Information for Dancers Modeling

Dancing and dancers have always been an important part of my life and my art. There are several projects I want to do featuring dancers so I am looking for dancers to model for me, both individuals and in small groups, costumed and nude.
We can make arrangements so you can use the photographs from the modeling session for your portfolio and publicity.

Information for Couples/Lovers, Modeling for Erotic Art

I am looking for individuals and especially couples to model for various erotic art projects, including sculptures and a series of stories about the happier aspects of life and love. Each story to be told with visual images and words. This project consists of any one or combination of mediums; sculpture, painting, drawing, photography and words.

Although I do explicit, erotic artwork I do not do pornography. I am not interested in kinky stuff, bondage, S&M and the like.

If you would like to model for me, contact me.

Information on commissioning nude or erotic art of yourself

Thoughts on the nude and erotic art

Anecdotes about models and modeling

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